remote robotic demolitionAs experts in engineered demolition, FREDERICO Demolition recognizes the new challenges, new applications and new market demands that exist today. Remote controlled demolition is a concentration we have developed over the years as a result of seeking the perfect solution for safe and effective demolition, in even the most confined spaces with delicate conditions.

Significant to the success of our remote control demolition work, is owning the world’s top performing remote robotic machines. FD continuously invest in Brokk remote controlled demolition machines to ensure maximum durability, safety, efficiency, power and precision of every deconstruction and demolition project. Additionally, being electrically driven, our Brokk machinery is fumeless to allow any work inside easily executed and friendly to the environment. We are properly equipped to perform work in the highest productivity form. Whether it is in immediate response to an emergency demolition situation or a careful controlled demolition job, FD has the remote robotic demolition equipment ready to work for you.