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BROKK 800S ---a powerful remote-robotic demolition machine has arrived at FREDERICO Demolition.

It is the first of its kind in the U.S. and Canada with super versatility and impressive strength. Designed to take on even the most demanding jobs with:

  • unmatched capacity for heavy-duty demolition
  • unparalleled arm system reaching in excess of 30 ft.
  • greater efficiency for faster job completion and cost-savings

Recognizing the need for a higher level of power in demolition, the BROKK 800S is the latest addition to the existing BROKK fleet at FREDERICO Demolition.

Learn more about this unique machine with amazing features to get your job done right by our team of demolition experts.

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Brokk 800s robotic demolition machine


Significant to our demolition success is owning a fleet of Brokk® demolition robots, the world’s top performing remote robotic machines. FREDERICO Demolition continuously invests in Brokk remote controlled machines to ensure maximum durability, safety, efficiency, power and precision of every deconstruction and demolition project. Our machines are agile and versatile to allow us to work in the most challenging spaces. Being electrically driven, our Brokk machinery is fumeless. We are skilled to utilize our powerful machines in the highest productive form for maximum efficiency. Our Brokk robotic demolition fleet ranges from 2,400-pounds to 24,000 pounds and includes the following models:

  • Brokk 90
  • Brokk 150
  • Brokk 160
  • Brokk 400
  • NEW Brokk 800

Additionally, a wide range of capabilities exist across a collection of Brokk attachments owned, including:

  • Buckets
  • Shears
  • Concrete crushers
  • Hydraulic breakers
  • Hydraulic coring
  • Hydraulic grapples

Whether it is an emergency demolition situation or a careful controlled demolition job, we have the remote robotic demolition equipment that consistently outperforms and is ready to work for you.

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